I am in constant awe of the beauty surrounding me.  I drive friends and family crazy on road trips calling for them to, "Look at that!", "Isn't it beautiful?",  " Do you see it?",  "Look at the way the light is hitting that!".  They try to calm me down by agreeing.  But I can tell that they just don't see what I'm seeing, they couldn't be or they'd sound much more enthusiastic.

So now I paint and sculpt, trying to capture the essence of that place or the personality of that animal which moved me so much.  The process is wonderful because while I'm working on a piece, I"m there again!  So as you might imagine I really love what I do, and I hope that you just might see what I see....


Christine Norman, artist, specializing in oil paintings and sculpture. Christine Norman has a unique sense of capturing the essence of the images she is painting or sculpturing. Christine migrates seasonally between Sedona, Arizona and Leland, Michigan located just north of Traverse City Michigan, giving her a wide range of wildlife and landscapes to choose from.


Christine's oil paintings and sculptures are held in honor to the memory of her grandfather, Henry W. Tomlinson who traveled the western United States on horseback capturing its beauty. Depending upon the season you can view Christine's gallery of oil paintings and sculptures in both Sedona, Arizona and in Leeland, Michigan.